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How to play Mario BMX Ultimate 2

Description: Take Mario on a tricked out BMX bike ride through your favorite worlds in Mario BMX Ultimate 2. Earn points by landing crazy tricks and completing each of the challenging courses. Pedal, jump and flip your way through every level while crushing goombas and collecting coins the entire way in this hair raising BMX adventure. The main objective of this game is to take our hero Mario through each course without falling into a pit. Instead of being on a powered bike like in Mario Motocross you are required to pedal a bike. Pedaling takes power which is only recharged when you allow Mario to rest. If you make him pedal for too long you could easily run out of power and land in a pit which will end your end. There are 9 levels total in this game. Each level becomes more challenging than the last. All of the levels you encounter are based on worlds from various Mario Brothers games. It's an exciting way to bike your way through the worlds you've come to know and love over the years. You can collect coins as you traverse the obstacles to earn bonus points on every run. Make short work of your enemies by running them over with your bike. Build up enough steam and do a crazy back flip or front flip with your BMX bro. If you love extreme sports you'll have a great time playing this instant classic. It's truly BMX riding at its best in Mario's world.

Controls: Use arrows for stering an accelerating. Use Spacebar for handbrake.

  Player: You are player number 2709

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